The American Legion Post 238


Adapted: February 10, 2015

Amended: August 13, 2019



The intent of these house rules and regulations are that all persons, while at our post, will at all times conduct themselves in a manner that reflects the high standard of the post and ensures adherence to the following expected behaviors.


All members and guests will be properly attired at all times and service may be refused to anyone not meeting these standards:

  1. Footwear is required.
  2. Profane or obscene image/wording is not allowed on clothing
  3. Public display of disrespect toward a post officer/employee/ or the flag is not allowed on clothing.


  1. The following individuals will be admitted to the lounge and post area (current affiliation identification card must be presented if requested)
    1. Current members of the American Legion.
    2. Current members of the American Legion Auxiliary.
    3. Current members of the Sons of the American Legion.
    4. Current members of other non-profit Veterans Service Organizations or Active Duty personnel.
  2. Only service animals shall be allowed inside the post.
  3. No firearms/weapons are allowed on the premises.
  4. No alcoholic beverages are to be taken from or brought into the post at any time.
  5. A post member in good standing must sign in all sponsored guests prior to participating in any post events on post property. The member who registers the guest will be responsible for that guest and their actions during that visit. If the member leaves, the guest must leave. All actions/damages/disturbances are the responsibility of the signing member
  6. Members are limited to sponsoring up to five guests per visit unless prior approval from the Commander has been obtained.
  7. Non-members/Guests are not allowed to purchase food/drinks or play game machines.
  8. Minors
    1. All minors are prohibited from playing games of chance; purchasing, handling or consuming alcohol; smoking or be seated at the bar.
    2. Must leave the post lounge by 9 PM unless prior approval by the Commander has been obtained.


  1. Customers
    1. Time and days that the lounge is open shall be prominently posted.
    2. Only a post officer/ lounge manager/ bartender may adjust the temperature, volume, or TV channels.
    3. NO Smoking is allowed in the Lounge.
      1. Violation of No Smoking will result in loss of lounge privileges.
    4. The Bartender/bar manager/bar back are the only authorized individual(s) to be behind the bar during regular business hours (special exceptions for an emergency/assistance).
      1. Bartender reserves the right to refuse service to anyone they perceive as intoxicated.
      2. Any person giving alcohol beverages to a person that has been “cut off” by the bartender in charge will forfeit their remaining drink(s) and both individuals must leave the premises.
    5. Loud, boisterous, profane language/gestures, threatening or racist remarks will not be tolerated on the premises. An initial warning will be delivered, yet it is at the discretion of the bartender/Lounge Manager if that individual or group should be ejected.
    6. Purposeful destruction of post property will not be tolerated and the offending individuals will be immediately ejected. The bartender/Lounge Manager will determine if proper authorities should be called. The offending individual(s) behavior may be reviewed by the executive committee; meeting and privileges may be suspended/revoked pending the outcome and resolutions of that meeting.
    7. Battery on post property will not be tolerated and the offending individual(s) will immediately be ejected. The bartender/Lounge Manager will determine if proper authorities should be called. The offending individual(s) behavior may be reviewed by the executive committee; meeting and privileges may be suspended/revoked pending the outcome and resolutions of that meeting.

*Battery is defined as pushing or striking another individual in a hostile manner.

  1. Games of Chance/Video Games/Jukebox/Computer (etc.)
    1. No employee may play games of chance during their shift.
    2. All reimbursements must stop at last call.
    3. Individuals that have any issues with the machines will see the Commander/Lounge Manager/Finance Officer.
    4. Play at own risk, the post is not responsible for malfunction of any machines.
    5. All monies removed from any equipment covered under the Post's BINGO license shall be removed and counted by a minimum of two (2) Post 238 Family Members.
  2. Check Cashing/Gift cards
    1. Limited to current post 238 members only.
    2. One check per post member per day not to exceed $50 unless prior approval obtained by Commander.
    3. Overdraft charges are applied to any return check: $40
      1. Lounge privileges suspended until overdraft charges and original amount is paid.
      2. Second offender loses check cashing ability.
    4. No third-party checks
    5. Bar tabs are ONLY allowed using a credit/debit card.
    6. Gift cards can be replenished for any amount by cash or up to $100.00 by check.
    7. Gift cards are the responsibility of the holder and no refund will be provided for lost/stolen cards.


  1. All lounge rules apply
  2. Smoke eater shall remain on at all times and be on low during non-business hours.
  3. NO smoking is permitted 30 minutes prior to or during ALL meeting and designated events.
  4. Reservations are to be made with the 2nd Vice Commander.
  5. Available to all members in good standing, first come first scheduled.
  6. Special exceptions for lounge rules must be obtained by the Commander in advance of scheduled event.


  1. Only authorized persons will be allowed in the kitchen.
  2. Individuals utilizing the kitchen shall follow health and sanitation guidelines set by the Florida Dept of Health/Pinellas.


  1. Parking spaces designated as handicap will be reserved for handicapped members and guests.
  2. Parking spaces designated as employee are reserved for the current shift employee.
  3. The alleyway behind the post is not to be used as vehicle parking.
  4. No doorway or ramp shall be blocked.
  5. Additional parking is available on 9th Avenue South in designated post parking spots.


  1. Each post group has authority over the items displayed on their cork board.
  2. Sick call/TAPPS: Post chaplain/officers will post sick call/taps announcements for post 238 members as requested.
  3. Social media announcements, updates, and photographs are maintained by the 2nd Vice Commander. Participation in events/lounge activities implies consent of inclusion.
  4. Post website is maintained by the 2nd Vice Commander.
  5. Lounge digital displays are maintained by the bar manager/bartender.


The bartender on duty/bar manager/post officers shall have the authority to enforce all house rules and may have any member removed for misconduct or violation of these standing house rules. All instances will be logged by the enforcer and reviewed by the Commander and judge advocate to determine if a special executive committee is required to address the incident.


The rules listed above may be amended, changed, or modified at any time by the Executive Committee as the need arises. On update of any rule, the header date will reflect the most current modified date; the executive board at that date is the approval authority.