2020-2021 Commander ANTHONY W. SPERDUTO (USN)

  1. Major World Events - COVID Affected the entire country and VSO's
  • During COVID, was able to keep the AL Post 238 OPEN
  • Was on a conference call with Senator Marco Rubio along with most Florida District Commanders addressing the concerns COVID had on our VSO's
  • Maintained the Post with financial strength (left more funds in the operating general account than when my office took affect July 2020)
  • Installed Outside lights over the East Side as well as the south side of the building over the signs that Past Commander Robert Matheson had installed (both completed by charitable donations from the ALA Unit 238).THANK YOU.
  • Upgraded the Camera system to HD (work completed by John Sears of the S.A.L.), great job John. Thank you.
  • Had one wall in the meeting room cut an an angle, by the generous donation of Harbor Renovations (Great job to Randy, Paul, George and all those that helped)
  • Had the Ladies Restroom vanity wall angled, tiled and painted (work completed by Harbor Renovations)
  • Upgraded the Juke Box to the latest sound system as well as brought in 2 high end Games - Golf and Bowling
  • Replaced, in coordination with the Sons Commander Gary Sanderson, the POW/MIA table Plexiglass Cover
  • Had the Display Case refinished by the front entrance (S.A.L. Commander Gary Sanderson's father-in-law Norb refinished the entire cabinet (great Job Norb and Gary). THANK YOU.
  • Raised funds through dinners, etc. with the LEGION FAMILY to purchase and install baby changing tables (one each in the men and women restrooms)
  • Thank you 1st Vice Robert Hardacre for bringing our Post over a 100% membership renewal and retention - Great Job Shipmate.
  • Thank you Finance Officer Norm Theberge for a great job through the COVID Storm.
  • Thank you Judge Advocate and Adjutant George Paradise for all the great guidance in helping me with all the Legion protocols, etc., without your help, the task wouldn't have run smoothly.
  • Thank you to our Post VSO Mike Swonger for all the help you gave not only me, but all the Veterans you assisted with claims etc.  You changed many lives. THANK YOU.
  • Thank you Chaplain Thomas Reed for your dedication and commitment to being our prayer warrior, and for all you helped with the ill, in need, etc.
  • Thank you to Galand Shearl for running the Legion Breakfasts every 2nd and 4th Saturday, and Jeff Motts for the Riders Breakfasts every 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month, and thank you for all the volunteers that helped in various ways around the Post.
  • Thank you ALA Unit 238, the S.A.L. Squadron 238 and the American Legion Riders Chapter 238 for all your hard work and charitable events they hosted for the Post - Great Job.
  • Lastly, Thank you Past Commander Robert Matheson for believing in me to be the Commander, and previously as your Finance Officer.

2. All this work was only possible with the entire Post 238 Legion "Family" pulling together. MANY THANKS TO EACH OF YOU.

For God and Country,

Anthony W. Sperduto, Post 238 Commander 2020-2021

American Legion Post 238, Safety Harbor, FL